Almost every girl loves getting beautiful flowers. Research has shown people smile every time they are given a flower bouquet. Since receiving flowers is such a delightful treat, here are a few tips on keeping them fresher longer.

Most floral arrangements last four to seven days or longer, depending on the flowers used and the care they receive. If you receive flowers delivered in a vase, check the water to be sure it is clean and clear. If it’s not, then remove the flowers (all at once in a bunch if you can) carefully set the flowers aside. Dump the water out of the vase and rinse.

While mothers are timeless, Mother's Day only came into being in 1908. Since it's creation, flowers have played a big part of this annual celebration. While tulips, roses, daisies, lilies, and peonies are the flowers most likely

It's a simple proposition that elicits a powerful emotional response: for every floral purchase made at John's Riverside Florist in Toms River, NJ, customers can have a tree planted in a national forest, dedicated to any person named

Our local florists will hand arrange and hand deliver your valentine to your loved one.  Why wait overnight for flowers that are shipped from a grower and still have to be arranged. Let your local florist design an arrangement

Each year, Karen Genoud, manager of Mount Vernon Florist in Fair Oaks, CA, takes on the Make Someone Smile Week program and sets out to deliver thousands of bouquets to those she feels are in need of a smile!

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